City Hall: CHIJMES and Long Bar

I think one of the great things about Singapore is building preservation and CHIJMES is another testimony to that. Formerly a convent, it is converted to a destination of restaurants and bars. Even if the dining and drinking options there don't appeal to you, it makes a wonderful visit for how the convent architecture is now integrated into this night time destination which also means it's perfect for a quick photography stop.

Across the street from CHIJMES is another historic building, the grand Raffles Hotel. This historic colonial hotel is beautiful especially in the evening, with its facade lit up. Long Bar located on the 2nd flr of the Raffles Hotel, is a place that you visit just because.

Well, because there is so much history attached to it. It's where the Singapore Sling cocktail was originally created. Ah yes, the Singapore Sling is actually created in Singapore. Unlike the ubiquitous so-called "Singapore Fried Noodles/Rice" found in Americanized Chinese restaurants in the US that have no roots in Singapore.

The most visible character of Long Bar is the concept of in-shell peanuts served to guests. You crack open the shell, pop the peanut into your mouth, and throw the shells on the ground. There is also a live Filipino band that performs and during our visit, the performing band is more of a golden oldie type rather than one who plays their rendition of current hits. Most guests are non-locals and I can understand why. Long Bar feels a little lackluster for those looking for a trendy place. For those with a colonial nostalgia, Long Bar is where you can spend a couple hours at in the evening. The Singapore Sling is S$27. That's a bit steep but hey, it's not the Long Bar for nothing.

30 Victoria Street
Singapore 187996

Long Bar at the Raffles Hotel
1 Beach Rd
Singapore City 189673