Marina Bay and Esplanade Walk

Evening walks along the Esplanade and Marina Bay in Singapore is when I become impressed all over again on the development of the waterfront. It is Singapore at one of its prettiest in the evening.

Begin the walk at the Raffles Place MRT station which leads straight to the waters of the Singapore River. Boat Quay is visible on the left with restaurants and bars by the water. The Fullerton Hotel is on the right with its most visible grandeur as one of Singapore's landmark. The Performance Arts Building, nicknamed The Durian, is on the far right. Walk along the river towards The Fullerton Hotel and go past it until you reach the main road, Esplanade Drive. Cross the road so that you are on the same side as the Fullerton One Building. Take the steps down to the bay walk along the waters. Right across the waters is the Marina Bay Sands with its recognizable structure that is meant to resemble boat that sits atop 3 towers. How befitting of an architecture for Marina Bay where the port of Singapore is.

Next to Marina Bay Sands is the Art and Science Museum in the shape of a blossoming flower. The Singapore Flyer is also there as you look to the left of the Art and Science Museum.

Walk to the left where the Merlion is. A symbol of Singapore, the mermaid-lion statue, is constantly surrounded by tourists trying to snap a picture of the statue itself but I think a more endearing view is seeing the water shooting out from the Merlion's mouth with The Durian building beautifully lit up and sitting in the background. The durian fruit is unique to Southeast Asia, offering a quintessential backdrop.

Take the steps back up to Esplanade Drive and walk along the bridge towards the direction of The Durian. On the bridge, the view captures the Merlion with the rest of the landmarks across the water. Keep walking until the end of the bridge and take the steps down towards the water. Here you will get a good view of the Central Business District. At this time, you can pop in to a cafe or bar at Marina Bay Square.

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