Living in the spirit of ubuntu.

Travel is a very big part of our lives and our love for packing our bags (camera included) and hopping onto the plane very possibly could have stemmed from the fact that our family circle extends to Asia, Australia, and the UK. Not including work travels, we have logged at least 50,000 vacation miles per person each year for the last several years. This platform documents our journey of travel through photography and writing.

Food is a big part of our travels. We get excited over new restaurant openings and food reviews. We appreciate fine dining as much as street foods. Food makes us curious about where it came from and the story behind it. Through traveling we assimilate into local culture that we otherwise would not be able to experience at home. We want to go where locals go and eat where locals eat.

When home in Chicago, running lets us discover ourselves and what physical and mental endurance can do.

All photographs in this blog are captured by us unless otherwise noted. Do not use the photograph images and writing without permission. All photos are shot with our Canon Rebel XS using these lens: Canon 28mm f1.8, Canon 70-300mm, and Canon kit lens 28-55mm.