Cumulus Inc

Not having to wait for a table at Cumulus Inc, a place known for long waits in Melbourne? The culinary gods must have been kind to us that day as not only were we spared from waiting to be seated, we even got the kitchen counter seating. To be fair, we arrived just before 2pm but nevertheless that was a very good start. The place was still bustling with the lunch crowd when we were arrived but gradually dissipated by the time we were finished with our late leisure weekday lunch. Oh, the joys of a traveler on vacation when we do not have to worry about heading back to the office.

Our travel itineraries always revolve around must-visit restaurants. Having read and heard so much about the award-winning Chef Andrew McConnell, Cumulus Inc was no doubt on our Melbourne list. The menu at Cumulus Inc has an emphasis on shared plates ranging from charcuterie to braised meats, and from fresh oysters to cured fish. We got full view of the kitchen magic from where we sat at the counter. The chefs were tossing salads, searing meats, and garnishing plates. Oh what a foodie's perfect way of dining.

Located in the fashionable precinct in Melbourne surrounded by boutiques, art galleries, and restaurants, Cumulus Inc has a lot to live up to. And it does live up to the hype.

Every bite of cured kingfish was nothing less than fresh. Sliced generously, the taste was pure without distractions of other dressing while staying true to its authentic flavor.

The roasted cauliflower with goat curds were addictive in every way. The spices added a very nice exotic and complex hint to this vegetable dish.

The charcuterie was another clear favorite of ours. The menu does offer an option of ala carte charcuterie but we decided to go with the kitchen charcuterie selection which came with a variety of cured meats and prosciutto which is perfect if you love everything and just do not want to make the painful decision of ordering one item over the other.

Restaurants are popping up all over and jumping on the bandwagon on executing the shared plate concepts and no longer necessarily following the traditional route of every person ordering a entree just for him or herself. That said, Cumulus Inc isn't just another one of these restaurants. There is something about this eating place, it's non-pretentious yet cool vibe and truly good good that make Cumulus Inc stand out.

We were a little jealous of a nearby table who ordered the roasted whole leg of lamb and I think that was enough of a motivating factor for us to return.

Cumulus Inc
45 Flinders Lane
Melbourne 3000

2012 Chef's Hat Award by The Age Good Food Guide
2011 Chef's Hat Award by The Age Good Food Guide
2010 Chef's Hat Award by The Age Good Food Guide
2010 Chef of the Year by The Age Good Food Guide, Andrew McConnell
2007 Chef of the Year by The Age Good Food Guide, Andrew McConnell
2002 Young Chef of the Year by The Age Good Food Guide, Andrew McConnell

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