Aside from Google maps failing us as we made our way there, it was a wonderful, wonderful night spent at Mikla. Fine dining on the rooftop level while overlooking the Bosphorus River that separates the European and Asian sides of Istanbul (Mikla is in  on the European side of the city) and without a pompous vibe? Yes, please. The chef hails from a combination of Turkish and Scandinavian backgrounds and serves to transform local ingredients into a contemporary twist. And, this concept works. He does the Istanbullus proud.

 *Amuse bouche: raw grouper, dill, olive oil, lime*

*Turkish olive oil, butter, sea salt, goat cheese with toasted hazelnuts, bread*

*Half cooked Dentex, fish consomme, herbs, dill, shaved cucumber*
The charred skin perfectly contrasts the soft fish meat. The broth has multiple flavors working together and surfacing with each sip.

*Dried tenderloin, smeared humus*
Dry aged tenderloin is served rare, making it the restaurant's own take on "steak tartare". The dry aging process makes the meat packed with flavor in its tender texture.

*Uskundurian prawns, bulgur, celery, deep fried kale leaves*

*Lamb shank, braised cherry tomato, peas*
The very smoky taste in the lamb adds a distinct character to this dish.

*Sutlac rice pudding, green apple sorbet, strawberry puree, graham crackers crumbs*
Here, the traditional Turkish rice pudding is transformed into a contemporary interpretation.

*Anatolian cheeses: Kars Gravyer (cow milk), Bergama Tulum (cow and sheep milk), Korgi Peynir (cow and sheep milk)*

Mikla Restaurant
Marmara Pera Hotel
Meşrutiyet Caddesi 15
34430, Beyoglu, İstanbul

Be sure to double check the location of Mikla as Google Maps incorrectly identified the location of the address. The correct location is not too far off (about 2-3 blocks) from what Google Maps incorrectly showed. The Marmara Pera Hotel is pretty well known so asking for directions from people is easy.

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