Traveling to another city (or country) for leisure means I get the luxury of going to a popular breakfast/brunch spot on a Monday morning to avoid waiting for a table. From what I hear, a visit to Caravan for a weekend brunch involves a wait given its popularity among Londoners as a brunch and coffee spot. Caravan is widely loved not only for their down-home classic yet creative food but this place is also a coffee roastery on its own.

The atmosphere is rustic with lots of natural light coming in. I decide on the baked eggs that come in a mini metal casserole with tomato and pepper ragout. There is an option of adding chorizo, which I gladly choose. The dish is drizzled with Greek yoghurt. The server recommends that I add a slice of toast since the baked egg has a good amount of tomato and pepper ragout and I can soak it up with the bread-- fantastic idea. The slice of the sourdough toast is generous in size. The one thing about dining solo is that one doesn't get to try other items on the menu but if the baked eggs are any indication of the rest of the items on Caravan's menu, I'd say that the Londoners got it right. No wonder Caravan is well loved place. After breakfast, I hopped onto the tube and make my way to Heathrow airport to return Stateside while still dreaming about breakfast.

11-13 Exmouth Market
London EC1R 4QD

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