Four Seasons Las Vegas

Anyone looking for a lovely 5-star hotel experience in Las Vegas without the hustle and bustle of a typical hotel on the Strip, Four Seasons is the answer. Four Seasons and Mandarin Oriental are purportedly the only true 5-star hotels on the Strip and this time we decide to give Four Seasons a try. The property is located on the top floors of the Mandalay Bay Hotel and to be precise, Four Seasons occupies floors 35-39 of the Mandalay Bay. There is no indication of the presence of Four Seasons when walking or driving along the Strip and there is no towering signage for the hotel like one would expect of every hotel on the Strip clamoring for grandeur and attention. Perhaps the hotel is deliberately aiming for an understatement. Just as the taxi pulls into hotel driveway, we see the driveway entrance signage of the Four Seasons hotel. The hotel has it own separate entrance, concierge, taxi drop-off, lobby, and elevators from the Mandalay Bay. The Four Seasons elevators will take you straight to floors 35-39, lobby (where the pool is), and the C level (here you conveniently connect to Mandalay Bay).

The hotel is tranquil and serene. It does not have a casino which also means that it is a non-smoking hotel unlike other casino hotel resorts. If you're looking for a tranquil change from the usual Las Vegas hotels, Four Seasons offers a reprieve. As expected, there are no spring-breakers here but the working professional crowd. This particular Four Seasons in Las Vegas aims to be family-friendly; we spot many families with kids but do not feel that the kids here take away the adult experience at the pool area which many people look for when coming to Las Vegas.

The pool is small but it is never completely full during our pool visits so pool chairs are usually always available. The pool itself offers a 5-star experience to hotel guests. We walk into the pool area, the attendant looks up our room number and name in the system. He grabs some towels for us and escorts us to the section we would like to relax at. He then sets up the pool wicker chairs for us and lines them with the towel chair covers. He comes back a few minutes later with a pitcher of ice water and plastic cups. One day, it is strawberry-flavored water and on another, it is lemon-flavored. At random times, one of the attendants walks around the pool area and offers complimentary mini ice treats to help the guests keep cool. On one day it is a frozen sliced pineapple on a stick; on another day it is a taste of peach smoothie. Sunscreen and newspapers are also provided at one of the water stations. An attendant comes by and asks if we would like some Evian spritz to be sprayed onto our faces to help us keep cool. Yes, please!

One of the plus points is that guests at the Four Seasons are allowed to use Mandalay Bay's pool facilities (but not the reverse). Moorea Beach Club (topless optional) over at Mandalay Bay is just a few feet away from the Four Seasons pool.

In true Four Seasons style, the hotel offers turndown service every evening. Complimentary shoe shine is also offered. Our room is clean and we enjoy the fluffy pillows. Admittedly, I'm a tad bit disappointed that this location does not offer L'Occitane toiletries like the other Four Seasons hotels but I end up really enjoying the scent of the toiletries brand offered here.

We order room service for breakfast one day- just a simple bread basket and soft boiled eggs- and they arrive timely. The weekend-only brunch buffet spread at The Verandah cafe is not as elaborate as the Wynn or Bellagio, but it is more than adequate with its selections of charcuterie, pastries, made-to-order omelet station, hot food, doughnut station, and a make-your-own Bloody Mary station. I'm an instant fan of the house-made peanut butter for my toast. After we recharge ourselves at breakfast, it is pool time again.

Wonderful 5-star experience all around and looking forward to return.

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