What to do on Sunday in Paris: Le Marais

Much of Paris are closed on Sundays and that includes restaurants and retail stores. It's the day when Parisians enjoy a relaxing day of meals with their families at home. As there is always an exception to everything, so there is to this. Where does one go in Paris on a Sunday when almost everywhere is closed? Le Marais is the answer. Tip: If visiting Paris, try to plan your itinerary such that you go to Le Marais on a Sunday since the other areas you will likely visit will have places that are mostly closed on this day.

Located in the 3rd and 4th arrondissement areas, at Le Marais you will find narrow streets and passageways. This very charming area has cafes, bars, restaurants, bakeries, and galleries that can keep one busy the whole day. The southern part of Le Marais is livelier and as you head north, it becomes quieter but no less charming. Le Marais is known for its local Parisian charm and also for its famous Jewish quarter which largely explains why businesses in this area remain open on Sundays while the rest of Paris (at least, the majority of Paris) are closed on this day. Sunday brunches are a popular activity in this area.

The heart of Le Marais is along rue des Francs-Bourgeois where you will find trendy local boutiques and cafes where Parisians sit at their outdoor tables, all of them facing out to the street, to people-watch or just to think about the world. Rue des Rosiers is where the Jewish quarter is centered, noticeable by its colorful street. Here you will find the most popular falafel in Paris: L'As du Fallafel. There are also no short of shops, boutiques, and cafes along rue Vieille du Temple. Breizh Cafe along this street is an especially popular choice for crepes and galettes. Also walk over to Pain du Sucre on rue Rambuteau for their very much-loved pastries.

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