Jean-François Piege

In true French style of dining out, guests take their time, spend the night in relaxing mode, and enjoy the meal with no sense of urgency to finish and leave. Jean-François Piege goes so far into elevating the experience at this two Michelin stars restaurant with the dining room designed almost like a cosy living room. Some tables even have comfortable couches instead of chairs. There are only 8 or 9 tables here so do make advance reservations.

We get ready for a night at Jean-François Piege in my dress and pumps, and T in his suit- another reason why we love Paris. Everyday is a reason to look fashionable in this city whether heading to a cafe or swanky restaurant. From the time we arrive until we get up to leave, the service is impeccable. Even the well-tailored and perfectly fitted suits of the servers are pleasing to the eye! We take our time to drain our glasses of pinot blanc champagne aperitif that is lovely and crisp, as recommended by the sommelier. As a surprise element for the dîner gastronomique, the guest chooses to either have 1 or 2 ingredients that will be the focus of all the courses served. The sommelier returns and provides more recommendations based on what we want- red wine by the glass. She shares her knowledge of what they have, which is the heavier red that will mask the flavor of our food and which is the lighter red that will help bring out the flavor of the meal. We go with her recommendation of the pinot noir. Our evening of hors d'oeuvres, 5 entrées, 1 main, 4 desserts, and then 1 more chocolate surprise make an incredibly lovely Parisian time and what we imagine it to be. During the second half of our meal, we are surprised with an additional glass of red and white wines each.

Hors d'oeuvres of smoked salmon with horseradish cream, brandade, foie gras, and ham

Blue crab and frozen chamomile, orange, and soy

French toast with tomato juice, oregano, olives, burrata, and anchovy 

Mediterranean sardines with chanterelle mushrooms

We get ready to leave and one of the servers asks, "Where are you visiting from?" "Oh, we are visiting from the States. Have you been?", I say. "No, the U.S. is my dream", he replies in his lovely French accent. I tell him, "Paris is my dream".

Jean-François Piege
79 rue Saint Dominique
75007 Paris

2013 2-Michelin Stars
2012 2-Michelin Stars

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