Christmas and reminiscing the year

We returned last night from Puerto Rico where we had our official honeymoon. "Official" because it seemed like we traveled quite a bit before this but we weren't on our honeymoon, yet, until Puerto Rico. On our second last day in Puerto Rico, we were walking along Ashford Ave when I received a call on my cellphone. I saw that the caller ID was Unknown which most of the time means that someone is calling me via Skype, and usually it would either be my mom or sister. My worries were confirmed when my sister told me of the news that our grandmother, whom we dearly call Poh Poh, had just passed away. We were all overwhelmed with sadness but we find comfort and solace that she has led a long life of 92 years and that she is now relieved of the sufferings and pains which she endured these years and especially the months and days leading up to her passing. Poh Poh, I hope you are looking down at us now from heaven and we love you very much. Thank you for taking care of me when I was little and for letting me crawl into bed with you when I couldn't fall asleep. It's the Christmas season and my family and I are celebrating my grandmother having led a long life of 92 years.

The year of 2010 has been filled with moments for the husband T and I. We traveled alot: England, Singapore, Malaysia, Ireland, and Puerto Rico. This was also the year we got married and we are still reliving our wedding day where we were showered with the outpouring of affection from our family and friends. We bought our first Christmas tree this year and also started a tradition involving stocking stuffers. We went out shopping, and went our own ways for 45 minutes and had to pick up as many stocking stuffers as we could for each other within that time frame. When the 45 minutes were up, we met at the designated spot. Still keeping what we bought as a secret, we came home and filled each other's Christmas stockings with the stuffers.

2010 has been a wonderful year for us but as the year came to an end, sadness was brought upon us at my grandmother's passing. But we find comfort that she is now at peace and we celebrate her long life.

Merry Christmas!

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