Connaught Bar

Connaught Bar was very much worth the visit. I remember making the trek there after a whole day of walking in semi high heels and by the time I got to Connaught Bar and plopped myself onto the bar stool, I didn't want to leave. We first heard about this place when leafing through our monthly subscription of Food and Wine Magazine. Listed as one of the 10 Best Bars in the World, we knew this place had to be part of our itinerary in London. Located in the plush Mayfair area, Connaught Bar is inside the luxury 5-star Connaught Hotel. With leather arm chairs and mostly working professional crowd as the clientele, the atmosphere at Connaught Bar is classic and proper. The list of cocktails is extensive. We had questions about some of their listed liquor and what impressed us most was that clearly the bartenders there know their stuff.

In general, we always like to sit at the bar rather than at the table since the bar is where all the action is. We got to see a multitude of drinks that were prepared while munching on crisps (as the Brits call what Americans call "chips") and sipping on our drinks.

Each drink is carefully and thoughtfully prepared and served on its on own platter. On each platter is a skewer of fruits that consists green and red grapes, blueberries, a raspberry and a kumquat.

If you love good cocktails, then you are at the right place. According to Food and Wine Magazine, the top two mixologists in London oversees the extensive cocktail list. That itself warrants a visit to Connaught Bar. 

Connaught Bar
Carlos Place
London W1K 2AL, England

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