Swine Bar at Cochon Butcher

Meat galore for the pork lovers! Oh this is so much more than just a butcher shop. It's a sWINE bar; what an ingenius way of swanking up the concept of a butcher. Meat and wine. Cochon Butcher. We had just arrived in New Orleans hungry, checked into our hotel, and then made the trek to Cochon Butcher in the 88 degree F heat. Tucked away in the Warehouse District of New Orleans, this place is a gem to pop in for a quick and casual lunch. As the name suggests, they sell butchered meats as well.

We got there after 1:30pm and it was bustling with people sitting at high-top tables eating their lunch, or either that, standing in line to order their food.

Cohon Butcher clearly knows their strength i.e. pork, and they do it well. The platter of headcheese with green tomato relish was absolutely delicious and a perfect start. The headcheese was soft with enough moist and provided a great contrast in texture to the perfectly toasted bread that we ate with the headcheese. We shared a pork belly sandwich that came with white bread, mint, and cucumber. It was filling and yet not too heavy since there wasn't any heavy dressing on the sandwich. In between bites, T commented, "Mmm it was worth the trek here".

At the butcher section, the top wall displays various cured hams and house made sausages hanging from inside the wall-mounted glass casing. The variety of house made meats that can be bought from the butcher section include boudin, andouille, lardo, duck rillette, ham, etc. The sausages are also made on the premise.

They have two types of house made hot sauces which include the sweet potato habanero sauce which I found pretty good but did not exactly rock my socks off although I really liked that the habanero gave it a spicy kick. The sweet potato gave the sauce a hint of sweetness but it did not stand out to me. I preferred their other original red hot sauce which I enjoyed with the pork belly sandwich. Along with these accompaniments, they also have house made pickles sold in jars conveniently displayed along the walls of the dining area.

If the meal isn't already enough, they do sell cupcakes, cookies, and pretzels which you could easily pick up from the counter. This, I thought, was pretty random but whatever works that makes people's stomachs happy, right? 

We read that Cochon Butcher is a favorite lunch choice among locals on a workday and it is easy to see why. As for us, if we are regular travelers to New Orleans, Cochon Butcher will definitely be our regular go-to place.

Cochon Butcher
930 Tchoupitoulas Street
New Orleans, LA 70130

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