Farmers Market at the Ferry Building

Sometimes (or rather, all the time) we just wished that it wouldn't get so darn cold in Chicago so that the farmers market here can occur all year round. Looking at the offerings of the produce and food on display at the Farmers Market at the Ferry Building in San Francisco, we were impressed by the unique selections offered. The Farmers Market goes on every Tuesday and Thursday on a smaller scale, and on Saturdays the event happens on a bigger scale where businesses at the plaza's marketplace also participate in the farmers market.

The Farmers Market offers a great selection of cheeses, bread, jam, gourmet chocolates, ice-cream, and pastries.

A good selection of fresh seafood is offered, including freshly shucked raw oysters for those who would like to eat them right there.

One of the things that impressed us very much was the level of unique varieties offered within a food category. Never had we seen so many different types of mushrooms on display together.

We absolutely loved the Thai chilli peppers that were still attached to the stems. The huge pile of loose chilli peppers with a mixture of red, green, and orange were picture perfect (and also spicy perfect).

Staying true its original form, the ginger on sale were still attached its root stems. At this point we were loving this Farmers Market even more.

Even cherry tomatoes could be this beautiful and inspiring. We would have whipped up a delicious salad with these tomatoes if it wasn't because we were actually staying at a hotel in San Francisco on our visit.

With strawberries as bright red as these, it was hard not to want to bite into these fresh juicy babies.

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