Oh, Ceci-Cela. You make really, really good croissants. The chocolate almond croissant was a perfect start for a Saturday morning on our visit to New York City. They don't skimp on the almond cream either so I liked that I can actually taste and see the almond cream together with some melted chocolate shavings inside the croissant. The chocolate almond croissants here follow the French tradition which is to press the filled croissant so it's more of a flat croissant. Or, I've also read that almond croissants are baked under a tray that's why it's flat. T had the spinach ricotta croissant which he really loved.

They have seating at the back which includes table service. We didn't realize that until after we had placed our order at the counter. When we told the French-accented man behind the counter that we were having our pastries there, he told us to have a seat as they do have table service. He kindly said he would still bring us our pastries and coffee to the table. The seating area is small, reminiscent of tight-spaced cafes in France.


Since we don't live in NYC and haven't tried the other bakeries in the area, it doesn't qualify us to chime in with the other countless reviews that say Ceci-Cela has the best chocolate almond croissants, but this we know for sure: they make pretty damn good ones. And because of this, we will return.

55 Spring St
New York, NY 10012

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