La Baguette et L'echalote

I'm a firm believer when Vancouverites say La Baguette et L'echalote is the best French bakery with the best croissants in their city. I've had some good croissants in my life but I think the chocolate almond croissant from here might be one of the best and most memorable ones I've had. Biting into the croissant, I felt the individually crisp and delicate layers of the croissant. As I inched my way from the edge towards the middle of the croissant, more and more almond cream were oozing out. It was the most generous amount of filling I've seen. T had the nutella croissant and all he could do was stand there while concentrating on devouring the pastry (the bakery has no seating).

Chocolate almond croissant

Chocolate almond croissant

Nutella croissant

La Baguette at L'echalote has other great selections of pastries and breads that will take care of your shopping needs for baked goods. The baguette selection comes with various types.


There's no seating in here and neither do they serve coffee, though it would be nice to be able to complete the whole French cafe atmosphere with seating and coffee. If you do want good coffee with your pastries, walk a few steps into the Granville Island Public Market and head towards JJ Bean which makes solid espresso beverages.

La Baguette et L'echolate is undoubtedly a French bakery gem in Vancouver. Grab a pastry or baguette from here before getting on your shopping at the Granville Island Public Market. 

La Baguette et L'echalote
1680 Johnston St
Vancouver, BC V6H 3S2

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