Peninsula Tokyo


With its white gloved valet and bellhop welcoming every guest that arrives at the Peninsula Tokyo, service and luxury begins at the doorstep. We go through the revolving doors and at once are escorted to the check-in desk. The Peninsula brand has definitely made its name from their excellent hospitality and service, but the Peninsula Tokyo takes on an innovative approach to stand out from other luxury hotels in the area. Aligned with the Japanese fascination of technology, the Peninsula Tokyo embraces this very character in the guest rooms. The room has every touch of high tech and luxury amenities that make our stay very special.

The walk-in closet is spacious especially by Tokyo standards. Any hotel that adds in important details, however seemingly trivial, for female guests has a special place in my heart. At the dresser in front of the mirror is a cushioned seat for makeup application. An in-built nail dryer is also present at the side for her to paint her nails before a night out in town. As if not not pampering enough, there is also an in-built radio controls at the dresser for me to select my entertainment while I apply my makeup. Listening to a mix of J-pop and American music before a night out at Ginza- I think that's a win situation. In the closet drawer is a set of comfortable yukata (Japanese robe) for us to change into once we're back in the hotel and want to get out of our clothes.


In the morning, we open our valet box to retrieve the newspapers delivered to our room, an accompaniment for our Lavazza espresso made from the machine in the room. There's a 2-seater dining table already laid with silverware and plates that we sit at every morning.


The room, bathroom, and bathtub have in-built electric controls in the wall for lights, radio, and TV. In the shower, we have both rain shower and handheld shower. When the toilet bowl is not used after awhile, the seat cover automatically comes down to cover the seat. As someone approaches the toilet bowl, the sensor senses it and the seat cover automatically comes up. As part of the toilet bowl controls, one can choose if the seat itself be lifted up with the seat cover or not, once again taking into consideration if the user is female or male. There's always a fascination among T and I with how even toilet functions embrace the Japanese' love of technology. The Peninsula Tokyo takes the technology and combines it with luxury that is offered to its guests.

Our bed area and sitting room are spacious for a deluxe room. The light switch on the wall illuminates when we approach so that we can actually see the switch itself when it's dark or dim. At night, the alarm and light switch on the bedside table also illuminate with dim glow when we touch the table or put something on the table. Every evening when we return to our room, we are welcomed by the already completed turn down service with bedroom slippers and bottled water on each side of the bed.

The hotel is directly connected to the Hibiya metro station via Exit 6A and 7A, hence there is no need to go outdoors to and from the train on a cold day. The JR Yurakucho train tracks are only a 2-3 minute walk away and under the train tracks are countless of izakayas, eating and drinking establishments that are popular among salarymen. The running route around the perimeter of the Imperial Palace that is popular among local runners or joggers is literally across the street from the hotel. When we want to splurge on style and fashion, it's just a short walk away to the Ginza shopping area.

Peninsula Tokyo
1-8-1 Yurakucho
Chiyoda, Tokyo

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