Osakan regional specialties


When in Osaka, live like the Osakans do. Eat yourselves to financial ruins, is the translation of kuidaore, a term many that many Osakans live by. Here's a list of some of the regional specialty:

These octopus-filled balls are almost ubiquituous along Dotonbori at many yatai (street stalls).

A cross between a savory pancake and pizza, one of the most popular places for okonomiyaki is at Mizuno, just off Dotonbori.

Prepared like a crepe, the squid-filled crepe is folded and eaten as a street snack. The most famous place to get it among locals is at the basement level of Hanshin Department Store located just south of Osaka Station.

Deep fried skewered meats are the perfect complement with biru (beer). In Osaka, kushikatsu is made with beef. In Tokyo, it's made with pork. Daruma (several locations) is a popular choice.

Udon suki
The noodles are cooked in nabe, a form of Japanese hot pot. Udon suki originated at Mimiu Honten, a family establishment for over 200 years and running.  Another form of udon variation that is also an Osakan specialty is kitsune udon (literally translated as "fox udon"), served with thin pieces of fried tofu.

Other Osakan regional specialties include:
Hakozushi (box-pressed sushi)

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