Oh, the glamorous Ginza of Tokyo. A lot of things associated with Ginza is luxury-- flagship stores, prestigious departmental stores. Say the name Ginza and Tokyoites understand that the area is known for fine dining rather than cheap eats. This is the place to shop but if you're not looking to spend your money here, the fashion stores make good eye candy.


Join the very orderly crowds along Chuo-dori, the main shopping street of Ginza. On weekends and holidays, the street is closed to vehicles and the only traffic you'll see is the human kind strolling on Chuo-dori. Off the main streets is Namiki-dori, a quieter street where high-end designer labels and art galleries are.

Fine dining options abound our a stellar dinner at Sushi Kanesaka, a restaurant with two Michelin stars. Take time to wander off along the side and back streets and you will be pleasantly surprised to find several amazing affordable and cheap eats. They may not dominate Ginza but they make neighborhood gems. We wander into a standing-only udon shop for breakfast, a basement izakaya with Okinawan food for a late lunch, and a ramen shop for a soul-satisfying dinner of tonkotsu ramen. Make time for bakeries and cafes, another aspect that Ginza is known for. Kimuraya is not a secret and locals go there for the anpan (sweet bread with red bean paste filling). Maker of the original anpan, Kimuraya produces their bread by using sakadane which is the yeast that makes sake. There is something for everyone in Ginza.

Okinawa-style izakaya

Kinmaru ramen shop

Udon shop

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