Tokyo's Omotesando

Put simply, Omotesando is Tokyo's answer to Paris' Champs-Élysées. The name Omotesando encompasses the neighborhood, avenue, and yes, even the Metro train station for the area. It gives a peak into the upscale life of Tokyo as the love for designer labels are clearly showcased along Omotesando Avenue. Designer labels have planted their flagship stores here and their award-winning architectural buildings is a reason enough to spend a leisure afternoon strolling along the tree-lined street of Omotesando Avenue. Intersecting this street is Aoyama-dori, another street with more upscale stores and buildings to feast your eyes on. Whether you're here to spend some cash inside the stores or to capture the architectural showcase along the street, it will be a lovely afternoon spent here. Impressive architectural structures to look out for include Prada in a crystal shard building and Cartier in a diamond-shaped building (how appropriate!).  

Fashion aside, Pierre Herme whom I like to call the god of macarons, also has his name-sake macaron boutique's flagship in this neighborhood. The Pierre Herme Paris flagship boutique in Tokyo displays the macarons for purchase on the ground level; a chocolate bar is upstairs.
Fact of the day: Pierre Herme's first macaron boutique was opened in Tokyo. Only a few years later did he open his namesake macaron boutique in his city of residence in Paris.


Wander off Omotesando Avenue and stroll along the backstreets and narrow alleys especially behind the Omotesando Hills shopping center and you will forget that you are in the metropolitan city of Tokyo. Oblivious to the busy Omotesando Avenue, the backstreets and alleys have lives of their own from the tiny shops, restaurants, and quiet residences that are seen as you veer to the right or left at each corner. Wander. Explore. You will discover gems. Find your way to Omotesando Koffee and Maisen Tonkatsu.

Step out of the backstreets with lives of their own, get back onto Omotesando Avenue and once again you are reminded again that you are in the metropolis of Tokyo. You are reminded once again that you are in a place where international influences and traditional Japanese culture co-exist. The city of perpetual crowds at anytime and anywhere, but never a hint of chaos. Instead, no matter how big the crowd, both human and vehicular traffic are always in order in this place where society conforms to social order and etiquette. 

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