Harajuku has a strong identity in Tokyo when it comes to extreme teenage fashion and culture. Say the name Harajuku and people all over the world conjure up images of cosplay (costume play) by these Japanese teens who find their haven in this namesake neighborhood. Harajuku and Omotesando are literally next to each other and yet both areas are on the extreme opposite ends of the spectrum from one another. Walking along the tree-lined Omotesando Avenue, one would be reminded that this Tokyo's Champs-Elysees caters to the upper class adulthood. Suddenly you find yourself in Harajuku where teenagers that conform to extreme fashion and culture find their niche. Groups of teenagers into cosplay stake out at the entrance of Yoyogi Park. They can also be seen hanging out and idling on Jingu Bashi (Jingu Bridge). The Japanese are known for some of their wild fashions and the Harajuku teenagers dare to be different as they slip into a different persona during cosplay. The groups stake out on Sunday afternoons so that's the best time for people-watching.


If you ever wonder where the Harajuku girls (and guys) shop for clothing, head to Takeshita-dori. This bustling and narrow alley is lined with fashion and accessories shops. In fact, the word bustling may be quite an understatement to describe Takeshita-dori on a Sunday afternoon. But in true Japanese style, however crowded a street may be, it is never chaotic but always orderly. I go to the Takeshita-dori for the many crepe stands. Eating crepe is a popular thing to do on this street. Join the long lines at any crepe stand and then stand at a corner to enjoy the delicious dessert crepes. The lines are long and the area is crowded. But hey, you're in Tokyo and there are no boundaries for crowds. The lines at the crepe stands are efficient so don't be put off by them. You'll be enjoying the crepe in no time.

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