Le Pain Quotidien

Picture taken at one of the NYC locations

The year so far has been filled with life-changing events for us both. The first one being that T is traveling so much more in his new job since the beginning of the year. This week I started a new position in the industry (which means no more working in the academia!). Having a husband who constantly travels for work means that I sometimes get to travel along with him whenever I have a reason to. Or, frankly speaking, do we need really need a reason to go on a short vacation every once in a while? Last week was the perfect time for me to fly to L.A. with T before I started my new job. He of course had to work but I took the opportunity to just enjoy the area.

We first fell in love with Le Pain Quotidien when we stumbled upon one of the locations in New York City. We usually aren't crazy over chains but these Belgium-originated bakeries really are quite charming. When we were in L.A., I found myself returning to Le Pain Quotidien twice for breakfast; once with T, and the second time by myself. This bakery and cafe offers a rustic feel with their wooden communal tables for customers dining in. Freshly baked organic breads grace their shelves every day.

For bread lovers like us, the Breakfast Basket was quite a treat that allowed us to try different types of bread. The basket came with a choice of croissant or pain au chocolate, accompanied with a baguette slice, two slices of raisin and nut bread, and two slices of bread roll. A glass of organic juice and a hot beverage come with the Breakfast Basket. We got an order of soft boiled eggs on the side and soaked up the soldiers (buttered toast sliced lengthwise) with the runny yolk.

What make Le Pain Quotidien special are the housemade spreads and jams that are placed and served on each table at the bakery.  They include white chocolate, praline, blueberry, and apricot and are really lovely when spread on bread. My favorite has to be the praline spread that comes packed with flavor but not too sweet. The bakery sells jars of the housemade spreads and jam and if it wasn't because my hand carry bag was tight for space, I would have taken home a jar of the praline spread with me to Chicago. Maybe Le Pain Quotidien will open a location in Chicago someday? Here's to hoping.

I liked Le Pain Quotidien so much I returned by myself when T had to work. Dining alone with the light and fluffy omelet with avocado and tomato sauce was all worth it. I even got a pain aux raisins to go. I really couldn't get enough of this place.

Le Pain Quotidien (has several locations)
1055 Broxton Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90189

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