Urth Caffe

Urth Caffe produces beautiful latte art. Lest you think it's only about the fancy art foam, Urth Caffe makes mean lattes as well. It is pretty incredible how this place manages to not only produce lattes that are espresso-based but they also have lattes made from matcha (green tea powder), South African rooibos tea, and red Thai tea. The creativity is not what makes this place great but the execution of the creativity that makes the lattes taste so good. The flavors work so nicely together and the unique additions make the creative lattes work perfectly whether it is matcha or steamed condensed milk.

It was love at first sight between me and the Japanese tea latte. The deep green from the matcha was the first clue to the intense flavor of the drink. Too much matcha could sometimes give out a slight bitter taste but to my surprise, the latte had a natural sweetness to it. I think the adorable art foam in the form of a fish also made me like it more. The Spanish latte was made with steamed condensed milk, just like how traditional Spanish lattes are made. When it comes to coffee with condensed milk, we mainly only get to have it at Vietnamese restaurants so the Spanish latte at Urth Caffe was definitely a treat although of course very different from Vietnamese coffee. Growing up in Malaysia and Singapore, adding condensed milk to coffee (and tea) was a common sight that we miss very much.

The deep dish blueberry pie had me at hello. I knew I had to have it the minute I saw it sitting on the shelf that also had a myriad of other delicious looking pastries and cakes. But my heart was set on the blueberry pie mainly because it was labeled as deep dish pie. That could only mean two things: more crust and more blueberry filling. It also helped that the sugar sprinkles on top made it look rustic. There were actually whole blueberries in the filling and no, the blueberries did not get completely mushed up in the baking process. The entire filling was also not too sweet which made us feel like we could kept eating it. The shortcrust pastry was flaky and yet dense enough to hold the pastry together.

The last I heard, Jessica Alba frequents Urth Caffe and if that's true, she has good taste for their beautifully made and equally tasty lattes. And pastries.

Urth Caffe (has several locations)
67 South Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

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