Creme de la Crumb

Scones. How do you pronounce it anyway? I usually call it "scones" but my British cousins call it "scons". Oh well, to heck with what the "correct" pronunciation is. Regardless of the regional-dependent pronunciation, I think people's love for scones is independent of region.

Creme de la Crumb is a tiny little storefront that has a grab-and-go setup and the standing area can comfortably fit about 5 people waiting to order without feeling crammed. If you can't wait to devour your pastry right there, the only seating offered are two tables outside that are literally next to the sidewalk.

Creme de la Crumb wins for arguably having the best scones in Vancouver. We walked out and bought a vanilla bean + pear scone for myself and a cranberry + orange + white chocolate scone for T. Thanks to the kitchenette in our hotel room at the Westin, we nuked the scones for 15 seconds which we recommend you do as well.

The outer part of the scone is crisp like a cookie that when you poke your fork into the scone, the outer crust cracks while crumbs scatter on the plate. And inside the scone is the complete opposite of what the outer crust is like. Take a bite of the scone inside and you could be fooled into believing that you are eating a slice of soft vanilla bean + pear bread instead of a scone. Creme de la Crumb does not stinge when it comes to their scones. There are chopped fruit inside the scone.

The scone sizes are huge and will fill you. So keep that in mind if you are planning on having a full lunch a few hours later.

Creme de la Crumb
466 Granville St
Vancouver, BC V6C 1V4


  1. Thanks for the great review! Be sure to come visit us again soon :)

    Lydia - CDLC

  2. Have you tried the apple cheddar scone there? That is my absolute favourite. I go out of my way just to have their large buttery cheesy apple-y scone. And I agree that Creme de la Crumb is arguably one of best places for scones in Vancouver. Check out their larger Willingdon Park and Broadway Tech Centre locations.