Well, even Anthony Bourdain approves of this place. So it has to be good, right? Damn right he is. But first, Japadog needs to get the spelling of Bourdain right.

Japadog is reputed to be the icon for street food in Vancouver. While these Japanese-style hotdogs are sold in many Japadog food trucks across downtown, they have a restaurant location on Robson St where you can sit at the limited number of high-top tables and enjoy the freshly made hot dogs right there. If space at the tables run out (which is often the case), grab an open seat at the communal bench outside the restaurant. The other Japadog customers wouldn't mind as they are most probably more focused on devouring their own hot dogs.


I generally don't each much hotdogs and truth be told, before going to Japadog, I probably haven't had a hotdog in several years. But this place admittedly put me back on track to incorporating more delicious hotdogs in my life.

As authentic as it can get, this place is owned and operated by Japanese. Every employee at Japadog adds to the authenticity with their native Japanese accent. The place is extremely busy at lunchtime with people standing in line to order and then waiting for their orders made fresh. It is also quite a torture for any hunger pangs while waiting for your order in a place that is suffused with the smell of deliciously hot dogs. It did not help either when people who stood around me waiting for their orders commented to their friends, It smells so good. Who knew that hot dogs could smell that good? These aren't your regular hot dogs after all. They're Japanese-style hot dogs that deserve all the raves.

If you are having a bigger-than-usual appetite, try the yakiniku rice dog. This ever fulfilling choice comes with yakiniku (grilled thinly sliced beef) and rice which are both flavored with sweet BBQ sauce. A juicy grilled sausage is also served along with it on a bun.

The tonkatsu dog came with a piece of breaded pork cutlet that was deep fried until crispy and despite the entire surface of the meat being smothered with tonkatsu sauce, the breaded pork cutlet retained its crispiness. Inside the meat was moist with no signs of being over-fried. The tonkatsu dog was dressed with cabbage slaw and Japanese mayonnaise.

These fries are not just regular fries. They are shaked fries flavored with butter and shoyu (Japanese soy sauce), deep fried until golden brown, and immensely packed with the umami flavor. If a seemingly mundane fast food item of fries can taste this mind-blowing, Japadog is doing something right.

530 Robson St
Vancouver, BC V6B 2B7

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