Granville Island Public Market

If you love food, or even just love looking at food, you must go here.

Located just across the water from downtown Vancouver and a mere 2-minute ride on the Aquabus, you will find yourself at the Granville Island Public Market. It sure does feel good when surrounded by a myriad of vendors displaying and selling their colorful fresh produce and fruits. The produce and fruits brag their freshness by exuding their bright colors and it was difficult not to fall in love with them. (Hint: Food photography haven). Bakery vendors have freshly baked breads, pies, and tarts that will entice your sweet tooth. The freshly rolled and handmade pasta, sausages, and cheeses will inspire you to cook dinner at home. If you're feeling hungry, get a ready-to-eat meat pie. The size of the market will keep one busy, even if you are just admiring the food as a traveler/visitor while sadly regretting that you can't buy those fresh produce and seafood to cook them in your hotel room.

Granville Island itself is huge so take your time and wonder around outside the public market where you will find art studios, marine stores, restaurants, and locally-owned shops. La Baguette et L'Echalote arguably has the best chocolate almond croissant in Vancouver. When you have finished enjoying your pastry, walk over to JJ Bean which makes solid espresso drinks. The Artisan Sake Maker produces sake in-house and has won numerous awards. Sake tasting is available and highly recommended for the affordable price. 

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