Word has it that Bill Granger pioneered the breakfast culture in Sydney. The breakfast culture is so visibly strong in Australia from what we observed in both Sydney and Melbourne that we do not know where it began first: Sydney or Melbourne? This question in itself is probably a contentious once since Sydney and Melbourne are known for their competitive and love-hate relationship with each other. In this post, we are only talking Sydney (more amazing Melbourne breakfast meals coming up).

As travelers, we had the luxury of visiting dining destinations on weekdays which somehow helped in alleviating wait times for a table. It was raining lightly and we brisk walked to Bill's. This particular location in Darlinghurst is the original location and there are other branches in other neighborhoods as well. It was a Monday morning and we were not fully spared from waiting for a table. We were told it would be a 15-minute wait. Ahh, a 15-minute wait was nothing. Finally we sat down among white walls with hints of spring colored decor on the wall, and a ton of natural sunlight.

The place was busy and with only two servers for the entire time, it took awhile for us to put our orders in. Once our Callebaut hot chocolate and latte arrived, it made the wait a little more worthwhile. The hot chocolate was prettily presented, I almost wanted to drink it just like that without stirring. But that wouldn't be drinking hot chocolate, would it?

Bill's scrambled eggs are reputed to be "the best in the world" and they were pretty darn good. It was very light, fluffy, and almost airy. The bacon and sourdough toast completed the whole best-scrambled-eggs-in-the-world experience.

The cured ocean trout was very impressive with its fresh taste and seasoned with just enough chopped dill and sea salt without taking away the authentic focus on the cured ocean trout. The poached eggs were perfectly prepared and served on egg cups. A big fan of butter on toast, the generously buttered sourdough toast was made even more of a treat from being dipped into the runny poached eggs before we took a bite.

The only one thing we would want improve is the slow service. While we appreciated a laid back and relaxed brunch, service was really really slow that morning. Granted, it was a busy morning and there were only 2 servers that time.

That said, Bill's does some really wonderful tasting breakfast and who can say no to eating breakfast foods at any time of the day? As if our Bill's experience wasn't enough, I actually went seeking out Bill Granger's cookbooks at bookstores after our breakfast at Bill's.

433 Liverpool Street
Darlinghurst 2010

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