Christmas and Hello to 2012


We returned from Down Under and had an Australian summer Christmas this year (which means there will be many upcoming posts!) with my side of the family. We really lived it up this year with three parties over the holiday season, thanks to my lovely sister and brother-in-law who graciously hosted. It was a time for meetups and catch ups with longtime family friends from Florida (ironic isn't it for us to meet all the way on the other part of the world?). It was a time for meeting those in our extended family circle who traveled from England. And, it was a time for us to meet once again my cousins who reside in Melbourne.


The parties were filled with very good food, wine, and company. We had Christmas crackers, passed along riddles, and wore party hats. There was no short of plain ol' silly laughter to go around for us this Christmas season. To complete it all, there was a fire-lit Christmas pudding for dessert.

Here's to a great year of 2012. We know it will be beautiful.

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