Single Origins Roasters

The plan was to head to Single Origins Roasters and then spend the rest of our afternoon at Bondi Beach. All started out well except that while we were in the middle of sipping coffee at Single Origins Roasters, it started to pour buckets. There was no sign of the rain improving. A quick look at the weather forecast on our iPad did not lighten things up either. It was going to be wet the entire day. Why didn't we figure this out earlier? We were a tad bit disappointed but Single Origins Roasters made it all better. We sat there and realized that we could actually spend the entire day at Single Origins Roasters and be happy. Best coffee in Sydney, period.

Single Origins Coffee is a Sydney institution in its own right. We read about how some of the employees have the too-cool-for-school attitude but on our visit, everyone was friendly (OK, maybe except the barista whom I don't remember seeing smiling). The tiny wooden tables and chairs with some spilling onto the sidewalk added to the charm. As if the coffee aroma wasn't good enough, freshly baked pastries sat on the counter waiting to be consumed.


The siphon coffee took awhile to arrive, as expected. We first had siphon coffee in San Francisco when the barista there recommended us to drink it black without milk or sugar. At Single Origins Roasters, we were given no such recommendations but decided to enjoy it the same way. We had been drinking so much espresso-based drinks the past few days that the siphon coffee was an absolute delight. The taste was delicate and light, yet flavorful.

The best thing besides coffee were the Lamingtons. We briefly chatted with the server that we were visiting from Chicago and that it was our first time trying a Lamington when she said, "You know the famous food blogger that everyone follows? David ... something?" I piped up, "David Leibovitz", to which she replied, "Yeah, THIS was the Lamington he wrote about".

I'd really like to say, darn, the Lamington was really really good. Who cares if T and I didn't get to go to Bondi Beach anymore on that rainy day? Lamingtons are made out of butter sponge cake and coated with chocolate and dessicated coconut. The ones at Single Origins Roasters had a layer of strawberry jam in between the sponge cake. Lamington is a traditional cake in Australia and every school girl is said to have had baked a Lamington at least once while growing up. I think my next quest is to find a good recipe and bake it.

Single Origins Roasters
60-64 Reservoir Street
Surry Hills 2010

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