The Commons Local Eating House

The Commons is everything what its name is: a local eating house. It goes back to the basics of using fresh seasonal ingredients and having a meal without any pretensions. I think Jamie Oliver will love everything that The Common represents. The farmhouse setting and rustic wooden tables and chairs add to the charming vibe of this place.

Word has it that The Commons was born out of a group of friends who wanted a place where friends could gather for a simply good meal in a down-to-earth environment. Or simply, they wanted to have another way of dining and drinking in Sydney. The sandstone wall in a farmhouse setting completes it all. We can't say enough how much we loved this place.

I want to call the poached egg (that came with the corned beef hash) magical because clearly they were, well, magical. I am very particular about getting eggs prepared perfectly even when it comes to making soft boiled eggs at home, even if it means getting a tad bit annoyed when I sometimes accidentally overcook my eggs by a minute, resulting in a less-than-perfect egg. I had no idea it was even possible to make poached eggs this perfectly but clearly The Commons achieved it. The egg appeared solid oval on the outside although extremely delicate and when I took a bite into it, the egg white and yolk were still in semi liquid form which literally melted in my mouth. The very thin outer layer of the egg was just solid enough to keep the egg white and yolk liquid encased. The corned beef strips and hash were well seasoned and accompanied with cherry tomatoes that were soft and juicy enough that they burst just as I bit into them.

And oh, those BBQ pork ribs. I generally am not even a fan of ribs but once I tried some of it (T's choice), I couldn't stop raving about it while we finished up our meal. The meat was tender, almost falling off the bone, and the glaze was just perfect. The roasted corn on the cob was a very nice rustic and delicious touch to it.

Sitting down with friends for a simply good meal is one of the best things ever, and The Commons gets it.

The Commons Local Eating House
32 Burton Street

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