Bourke Street Bakery

If there is any indication to what a great place this Sydney institution is, it would be the fact that people were standing in line to purchase pastries at Bourke Street Bakery even when it was not considered prime time. We got there at about 3:30pm and perhaps everyone else in the neighborhood of Surry Hills decided to head to Bourke Street Bakery for an afternoon pastry and coffee that day. Or perhaps, no one really needs a reason to visit this bakery. In fact, everyday is a good reason to visit for deliciously baked goods.

Bourke Street Bakery does not boast a huge space. In fact, most of the store space is taken up by the kitchen and counter where the artisan breads and pastries are. Inside, there are only three small tables if you don't mind how close you will be to the next table.

The chocolate croissant was flaky and light. It was very good and I didn't feel guilty indulging in it although we got to Bourke Street Bakery right after our lunch at The Bentley. Who could forgo an excellent croissant?

The oatmeal cookie was uniquely baked and was only just a little thicker than a ginger snap. The coffee was pretty darn good as well. If only we had space for the ginger creme brulee tart.

We actually really liked how tight the space was inside Bourke Street Bakery and thought it only added more character to the place. Grab a pastry (or two) and coffee inside and step outside to enjoy the sun while sitting on their rustic stools. Besides the pastries, the next best thing I liked about this place was sitting on the stools and using the tables that looked like they had been recycled and now reuse. No pretensions but just a great down-to-earth feel while enjoying the pastries.

Bourke Street Bakery
633 Bourke Street
Surry Hills 2010

2011 CNN Top 10 Best Sydney Bakeries
2009 Top 5 Patisseries Sydney Food Awards

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