Mak's Noodle

If you think that wonton noodles are just another noodle dish, think again. It really can be something when made right. And Mak's Noodle has gotten it right with arguably the best, if not one of the best, wonton noodles in Hong Kong. Service here was prompt and straight forward and that is not what customers are there for. They come to Mak's Noodle just for the food. The noodles had the perfect bite and crunch to it. In other words, it was perfectly al dente. The wonton skins were delicate and soft. At Mak's Noodle, each order of wonton noodle is served small in the size of a rice bowl and word is that the reason the noodles are served in the small bowls is to prevent having too much broth that may cause the noodles to become soggy.

Though people come to Mak's Noodle primarily for the wonton noodle soup, there is an alternative for people like T who is not a huge fan of noodles served in soup. He opted for the dry noodle with braised pork and that came with a separate bowl of soup on the side.

The dining space at Mak's Noodle is not big and tables are closed together, Hong Kong style. People are usually in and out within 30 minutes after devouring their small bowls of wonton noodles. The front section of the restaurant is taken up by three chefs churning bowls of delicate and delicious wontons every minute. Watching them by the window display, if this doesn't make pedestrians hungry I'm not sure what else will. This family business has been running since the 1960s and I don't think it's going anywhere.

Mak's Noodle
77 Wellington Street
Central, Hong Kong

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