Street Snacks in Hong Kong

Street snacks are one of the fundamental aspects of Hong Kong culture as evidenced by the frequency of vendors at almost every street corner. One will never go hungry in Hong Kong. In fact, the biggest challenge is to contain all the delicious and inexpensive food in our stomachs. Street snacks are so popular that the vendors are especially busy come evening when people are on their way home from work, and stopping for some of these snacks before dinner.

While these street snacks can be found anywhere in Hong Kong, here are some must-try street snacks at certain popular locations that we liked.

1. Gai dan zai (egg waffles)

These egg waffles are lightly sweetened from the batter and were my favorite street snack. I only wished I had more of them. They are made fresh from the hot cast iron waffle maker.

Location: Outside Times Square, Causeway Bay

2. Fish balls on a stick

These piping hot balls are savory delights and there's an option of getting them with curry sauce slathered over it. We did not find the curry sauce to be spicy but instead, it was towards the sweet side.

Location: Outside Times Square, Causeway Bay

3. Stinky tofu

These deep fried tofu are named so because, well, they are stinky. But the smell is about all this tofu has in terms of being unpleasant. If you can be forgiving about the smell, the warm deep fried tofu is delicious eaten with hot sauce.

Location: Kai Kee on Dundas Street, Yau Ma Tei

4. Cheong fun (rice noodle roll)

Our decision to try this place was purely driven by our observation of a line of people waiting to purchase from this vendor everyday. This location served the best cheong fun we ever had. It was smooth and soft to bite. The sweet sauce, peanut butter sauce, and sesame seeds perfectly complemented the cheong fun.

Location: Nathan and Austin Roads (across from the Tsim Sha Tsui police station), Jordan


  1. yummmm thanks for this awesome post! Makes my tummy rumbly

  2. Thanks for stopping by, pigouttravels! We love HK for the food and will return in a heart beat.