Wet Markets in Hong Kong

Street level wet market

Wet markets are such quintessential aspects of Hong Kong that we could never leave Hong Kong without visiting any of them. Wet markets are found in different districts throughout Hong Kong where locals go for their fresh produce, meat, live seafood, eggs, and dry goods. Traders set up stalls in the outdoors on street level, rain or shine. The biggest and by far our very favorite wet market was at Wan Chai on Johnston Road which we found to be the most vibrant and dynamic. We were there on a Saturday morning and the atmosphere was legendary with traders and people alike busy with their own business. Any street photographer's dream, the produce, meat, and seafood were so rich in color. The atmosphere was very busy, if not dynamic. We loved every bit of it. Our second favorite wet market was in Central on Gage Street that was less busy but still very interesting nonetheless.

I think photography does the best job in telling a story about Hong Kong's wet markets.

Longan, persimmons, dragonfruit, mandarins
Live seafood

Preserved duck

Chinese sausages

Biscuits, cookies

Dried and cured fish

Dried squid

Dried fish

Preserved mustard greens

Fresh eggs

Freshly made blocks of tofu

Barbeque and roast meats

Pig ears

Live clams

Live prawns

Live crabs

Fish belly

Rice varieties

Meatball varieties


Dried fish

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