Sang Kee congee


Congee, or rice porridge, is comfort food in Cantonese cuisine and it's not difficult to see why. It is easy to eat, stomach, and digest. If congee was judged by looks alone, it probably looks the blandest of all foods. However, when made right, it is far from bland and in fact very tasty. Congee is commonly eaten at breakfast or lunch and to put simply, there is no limit as to what someone could eat his or her congee with. It could be fish, beef, or pork, and the congee would still be perfect. Sang Kee is among the popular places in Hong Kong that offers fantastic congee, as evidenced by the people standing in line to get a table. After we were done with our meal, the line remained outside Sang Kee. People go to Sang Kee for the congee (they do offer noodles as well), and are quick to leave when they're finished the meal, which makes the wait line move incredibly fast.

One of the popular choices which turned out to be our favorite was the fish belly and pig heart congee. Not to be confused (as we were initially) with roe, the fish belly served with the congee was the section of the fish meat near the stomach. The fish belly was incredibly tender and smooth that we couldn't have enough of it. The rice porridge was hearty and heartwarming, made with stock that was flavorful and simmered for hours.

Another aspect that made Sang Kee stand out for us was that each bowl of congee came with a side of freshly sliced ginger and scallions in soy sauce which we could add to our bowl. As simple as the accompaniment sounded and looked, it made a difference in adding even more fragrance to our already very delicious meal.

Other congee variations offered at Sang Kee come with pork liver and kidney, and sliced fish which were equally tasty. If we could stomach more, perhaps we would have tried the beef balls and tenderloin which we eyed from a table away.

Sang Kee
7-9 Burd Street
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

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