Yee Shun Dairy Company

Hong Kong has such a rich culture in local foods and snacks, it was really hard not to have a "post-dessert" dessert at night. We wanted to try as much as we could stomach, knowing that anything local to Hong Kong must be good and is worth trying. Very popular among locals are the the steamed milk custard and steamed egg custard. We have heard so much about it before from our friends who are native of Hong Kong. They said to look out for these steamed custard at places where you can generally see bowls and bowls of them on display by the window and ready-to-be-served. Also came high recommended to us where we should enjoy them was Yee Shun Dairy Company. This diner-like place has several locations and we specifically tried the one at Jordan. An easy way for us to spot Yee Shun was their signage with a picture of a cow.

The steamed milk custard was certainly very interesting and unlike any custard we've had before. In fact, the steamed milk custard tasted exactly like, well, milk. If there was anything else that went into making the steamed milk custard, it certainly did not show as the warm custard tasted pure and fresh of milk. The steamed egg custard was equally smooth and rich in texture. The level of sweetness was to a minimum which we found perfect. We could easily imagine how these warm desserts would be perfect in winter. Yee Shun offers a myriad of other variations of the steamed milk custard and steamed egg custards with options of add-on fruits but we decidedly wanted to try the original, aka the real deal.

Yee Shun Dairy Company
63 Pilkem Street
Jordan, Kowloon
Hong Kong

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